Must be all those headless bodies exploding…

Just read that John McCain is blaming the Arizona wildfires on illegal immigrants.  Ah.  So I guess we’ll have to rephrase Smokey the Bear’s famous warning to read, Remember, Only Illegal Immigrants Can Cause Forest (or desert) Fires.

Of course, when you have thousands of people traversing thousands of square miles of land as quietly and covertly as they can, somebody is going to do something stupid.  But to blame ALL the fires on illegals?

Oh, I forgot…there is no global warming, so it can’t be anything else.  Unless it was a non-illegal person.  But what would they be doing there?  Therefore, whoever done it must have been illegal.  Or something like that.

And what about that global economy that forces these people to cross  borders to find work at pittance wages with no benefits (and they don’t pay taxes either because they are usually PAID UNDER THE TABLE) except for what is routinely offered to the poor at the cost of the rest of us because we have no socialized medicine except for Medicare/Medicaid which the teabaggers want to get rid of because they don’t want death panels and social benefits are too expensive but wars are not?  Oh, I forgot.  TOO FREAKING COMPLICATED for Senator McCain to ponder.

(Yes, your head must be spinning after reading that last paragraph, but believe me, it would be spinning less if you accepted that there is nothing evil about socialized medicine.  The only evil is the people who have decided that it has already failed even though it hasn’t even begun — I can think of a right-wing radio yapper or two who are telling their minions that over and over and over again, until it sinks into whatever is left of brains between their ears.  The Big Lie thing, you know, kinda like when they kept asking if Obama had fixed the economy yet long before he was sworn in as President.)

And so we are left with this: Illegal Immigrants Cause Forest Fires.  Simple as black and white.  And don’t you forget it.

I’ll be getting to the matter of the Supreme Court vs. women later on this week.  But first, let me offer Senator McCain the Stupid of the Day Award.  He’s earned it.

Another Heroine

Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio

And a thought to the asshole who made the comment (on the video, not here), “why are women having kids they can’t pay for?”  That’s so stupid that I don’t know where to start, so all I’ll say is, “who died and left you chief asshole?”

Oh, and this: It takes two to make a kid.  It takes two to raise a kid, especially when women generally aren’t paid very well.  And it isn’t always Mom’s fault when the other half isn’t there.  Just a thought, if that isn’t too difficult for you.  Oh, sorry.  You’re the one who made that asinine comment.  Poor dear.

It’s a dead give-away

When they use the terms “communist,” “socialist,” and “progressive” all in the same sentence:

Teabagger Training Film



Another Post To Which I Have Nothing to Add

Thatcher Snubs Palin

When Stupid Calls Stupid “Stupid”

No, wait…I don’t think they’re quite at “stupid” yet.  I think they stopped at “unserious” or “unstable” or something like that.  “Stupid” will come later.

Anyway, Ah HAH!  In perfect reality-TV form, now we progress to the “cat fight” sequence: Bachmann vs. Palin

Actually I saw this coming a long time ago because of two things: (1) a little over a year ago, Bachmann started making noises about being President.  Prior to that she never would have dared, lest she offend St. Sarah, and…

(2) This is the sort of mentality that their supporters believe is part of real life.  You know, it’s kind of like professional wrestling, “you broke my heart so I busted your jaw.”  Very elemental.  Very…shall we say it…stupid.

The rest of us can see it, but our media, ever hungry for a delicious cat fight, will probably jump all over it as if either of these creatures has a genuine chance of becoming anything but a national embarrassment. OOOO I mean, it’s just like the old roller derby!  Knock the stupid bitch on her pockets!  What high-class entertainment!  Great for ratings!  Next comes the Meow-Off, no doubt with celebrity judges!

One thing that truly concerns me here is that there is starting to be a spillover of stupid from these two that is affecting the careers of legitimate politicians who happen to be women.  I’m starting to hear more and more that if the two female front-runners in the Republican/Teabagger party are this dim, so must be the rest of female politicians.  You know, sort of like one Democrat with his pants down equals all Democrats with their pants down, regardless of how many Republicans have already been caught with their pants down.

What I really want is for the media wake the fuck up and realize that there is a price for fiddling while Rome burns, but I’m guessing that is not about to happen.  All around us are tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, George W.’s economy, and goodness knows what else, but all these cretins can talk about is Stupid vs. Stupid and what it means for the White House.

Got a clue for the media about what it means for the White House.  Read on and find out:

Yep, darlings, there was nothing there, just like there is in Stupid vs. Stupid.  Get it?

“The British Are Coming!…oops”

Gotta celebrate it, I guess.

So far Sarah Palin has failed to explain why, in her version of events, Paul Revere’s ride consisted of ringing bells and shooting off a rifle or a revolver or something (neither of which, if I remember correctly, existed at the time), desperately warning the British that the British were coming.  In her world, this was all about gun rights.

Everything is about gun rights.  Even abortion is about gun rights.  Climate change?  Gun rights.  Fuel prices?  Gun rights.  Taxes?  Gun rights.  Drugs?  Gun rights.  War?  Gun rights.  Lamestream media?  Gun rights.  Birth certificate?  Gun rights.  Death panels?  Gun rights.

Next, I suppose, she’ll be claiming that Revere wrote the Constitution and Jesus signed it while packing a six-shooter.  GUN RIGHTS, you know.

Frankly I’m too confused to go on.  I became even more confused when she once again entrenched herself in a falsehood when challenged by, of all people, Chris Wallace.

(Most of) The nation is laughing at her.  Even other parts of the world are laughing at her.  And yet she keeps pulling the Big Lie chain to the extent that her brainwashed personal army has tried and failed to rewrite the Wikipedia entry about Paul Revere to suit their Queen Ester’s version of The Ride.  And the media keep TELLING US ABOUT HER.  WHY???

All I can do is shake my head and cluck my tongue.  There is truly magic in the air.  I say that because without it, she would have been a small blip on the screen that passed long ago.  I know, I’ve covered that point way too often.  But that never stops me from marveling at it: why won’t she go away?

Seems there are other folks as fed up as I am

Please consider signing this petition to the major television/cable news outlets in the U.S. asking them to STOP MUCKING AROUND COVERING SARAH PALIN and get down to news:


As I was saying yesterday…

…for some reason, the Huffington Post can’t seem to give up on Palin:

Their latest desperate grab for any hint that Palin will run for President

Will She or Won’t She?

Of course I am talking about the prospect of Sarah Palin running for President.  Personally I believe she will not, or if she does, she’ll do it briefly and bail out at the first opportunity (but not before all the donation checks are cashed).  And OH THE PATRIOTISM AND TEARS when she withdraws!  What theater!  The modern Queen Ester serving her God and her country! or so the spin doctors will cry.  She would gladly take her anointed place as President if it weren’t for the fact that she can serve her country so much better with a multimillion dollar Fox contract an’ a personal Lear jet an’ a neat, painted touring bus and lots of pretty clothes!  Sniff, Sniff!

Meantime the rest of us continue to wait for her to stop blowing her nose in the flag when she’s through wrapping herself in it.  We can’t possibly roll our eyes any further.  We are through with her, and we wish the media would catch on — but it seems they never will.

Media sources like The Huffington Post continue to search for any clue that she will run.  It’s almost as if they can’t stand the idea that she may not — or at least, that she will not make a serious effort.  (Sarah Palin and serious in the same sentence?  Are you serious?)

And so it was hard to find someone who agrees with me that Sarah will not run for President.  Imagine my surprise today when I found this article.  Read it and weep, Huffington Post and all your faux-news starved colleagues.