Yes, you too

Here’s the text of a mass e-mail I got a while back.  Not sure how I got on Michael Moore’s e-mail list, and I know right wingnuts have been trained to sniff at the sound or sight of his name.  You know, he’s that nasty fat guy, as if they haven’t got one of their own.

All that crap aside, I thought he made some good points here:

The Great Thing About the Health Care Law That Has Passed? It Will Save Republican Lives, Too (An Open Letter to Republicans from Michael Moore)

Monday, March 22nd, 2010 To My Fellow Citizens, the Republicans: Thanks to last night’s vote, that child of yours who has had asthma since birth will now be covered after suffering for her first nine years as an American child with a pre-existing condition. Thanks to last night’s vote, that 23-year-old of yours who will be hit one day by a drunk driver and spend six months recovering in the hospital will now not go bankrupt because you will be able to keep him on your insurance policy. Thanks to last night’s vote, after your cancer returns for the third time — racking up another $200,000 in costs to keep you alive — your insurance company will have to commit a criminal act if they even think of dropping you from their rolls.

Yes, my Republican friends, even though you have opposed this health care bill, we’ve made sure it is going to cover you, too, in your time of need. I know you’re upset right now. I know you probably think that if you did get wiped out by an illness, or thrown out of your home because of a medical bankruptcy, that you would somehow pull yourself up by your bootstraps and survive.

I know that’s a comforting story to tell yourself, and if John Wayne were still alive I’m sure he could make that into a movie for you. But the reality is that these health insurance companies have only one mission: To take as much money from you as they can — and then work like demons to deny you whatever coverage and help they can should you get sick. So, when you find yourself suddenly broadsided by a life-threatening illness someday, perhaps you’ll thank those pinko-socialist, Canadian-loving Democrats and independents for what they did Sunday evening. If it’s any consolation, the thieves who run the health insurance companies will still get to deny coverage to adults with pre-existing conditions for the next four years. They’ll also get to cap an individual’s annual health care reimbursements for the next four years. And if they break the pre-existing ban that was passed last night, they’ll only be fined $100 a day! And, the best part? The law will require all citizens who aren’t poor or old to write a check to a private insurance company. It’s truly a banner day for these corporations.

So don’t feel too bad. We’re a long way from universal health care. Over 15 million Americans will still be uncovered — and that means about 15,000 will still lose their lives each year because they won’t be able to afford to see a doctor or get an operation. But another 30,000 will live. I hope that’s ok with you. If you don’t mind, we’re now going to get busy trying to improve upon this bill so that all Americans are covered and so the grubby health insurance companies will be put out of business — because when it comes to helping the sick, no one should ever be allowed to ask the question, “How much money can we save by making this poor bastard suffer?” Please, my Republican friends, if you can, take a quiet moment away from your AM radio and cable news network this morning and be happy for your country. We’re doing better. And we’re doing it for you, too.


The worst part about this for Republicans?  It’s all true.

That could be why they’re now making plans to take credit for parts of the bill.  After all, the part about enforced universal coverage was, in fact, their idea before they decided to forget about that.

No doubt they’ll soon be claiming they were behind it all the time.  At that moment the bloggers, such as yours truly, will trot out all the old quotes, including just about every other blather from Sarah Palin, to prove that they weren’t.  But it will not matter, because we are dealing with delusional people here.  It’s hard to tell what planet they’re on, let alone how to deal with them.

But anyway, it’s done and they are covered along with the rest of us.  Too bad there wasn’t a Republican exclusion clause.  But then again, maybe that’s a good thing.

Please. Don’t Drag Jesus Into This.

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan apparently did a nice suck-up job yesterday at Mass, comparing Pope Benedict to Jesus.

Yes, I am mindful that to faithful Catholics, the Pope is the representative of Christ on Earth.  The Pope therefore must have a penis.  And because he is the head of what has become a large and soul-less corporation, he must also keep deep, dark secrets — you know, like sexual abuse of minors.

Looks like Pope Benedict is almost as good at that as he is at declaring his own flawlessness.  Clearly I missed something in my religious training if I don’t know why that is supposed to be admirable.

And now they are dragging poor Jesus into this…

My religious tradition looks upon Jesus as one of the great mystics and teachers, but we are mindful that he himself warned against worshipping him (Jesus) as a god.  He would likely be horrified at all of this king/prince/pauper/kingdom crap, and all the accompanying injustices that have been going on in his name for a couple of millennia — not to mention all the good ‘ol Muscle-Man SuperHero Jesus crap that’s currently going on in the U.S.

Like I said, poor Jesus.

And to the Catholic Church: you folks have no business comparing any among your number to Jesus or any other decent human being.

It’s official: I don’t get it

First look at the 10 Ways the New Healthcare Bill May Affect You:  article

Now tell me how that is related to Armageddon.

Then tell me how Sarah Palin is related to any of this.

Then tell me why anyone listens to her?

I guess now she’s rousing up the teabaggers, or what’s left of them, to be mad as hell and not take it anymore.  Again.  Why?  Because the healthcare bill passed (see article above).  I mean HORRORS!  You can’t be dropped, you can’t be denied, your kids can’t be excluded, your taxes won’t go up as a result of this unless you’re wealthy to start with…it goes on and on.  I mean it’s insurance industry reform. It means the insurance companies can’t beat up on us anymore (although I’m positive they’ll do everything they can to screw us over royally before the law goes fully into effect in 2014, quite like the banks did before the “credit card holder’s bill of rights” clamped down on a tiny fraction of their worst behavior).

One shudders to think about it.  Not the bill, the health insurance companies.

Anyway, rabble-rousing is common behavior for Palin (common being the operative word), but can you tell me why the teabaggers still listen to her when she took megabucks for spewing nonsense at their “convention,” then afterward said they were doomed and should join the Republican party?

Leave alone the fact that she’s not making one bleeping bit of sense about anything.

And what is she?  She’s no longer a politician, she has no ideas, she’s not a leader, she doesn’t understand the issues, she makes stuff up, her star is fading except with a distinct minority, and most people in this well-populated part of the country get a bad case of the eye-rolls when they hear about her.  So why are we still hearing about her?

It’s official folks: I don’t get it.

P.S. If you’re a teabagger and are taking umbrage at what I’ve just said, too bad.  Watch this (click on “this,” dearie), it’ll really give you something to get angry about.

Goofballs and Thingamabobs

The thought occurred this morning that the Republican Party as we knew it has ended.  It ended a long, long time ago — around the Watergate era, or rather the events leading up to Watergate.  That event was so traumatic to the Republican party that they have never recovered, and have become crazier and crazier to the point where we are at now: we have a political party comprised almost entirely of people who have lost contact with reality.

The past 48 hours, since the passage of healthcare reform, have offered up some prime examples, not the least of which is Fox News and Sarah Palin threatening Congressmen who voted for healthcare reform.  Threatening them.  Not only that, but some of their minions have taken to vandalism.  This isn’t just frightening, but barbaric.  This is not political discourse.  This is what happens when the lunatics run the asylum.  This is the party of goofballs and thingamabobs, running in terror from their own imaginary bogeymen while hurling knives in every which direction.

It’s no matter whom the knives hit, or even if nothing these creatures are so terrified of has happened or is likely to happen.  After all, the healthcare reform bill as it currently stands is little more than a collection of insurance industry reforms that are long overdue; there is no “socialism” to be seen anywhere.

So are we to believe we could have prevented this supposed apocalypse by allowing an out-of-control industry to continue draining our pockets of money in the name of free enterprise?  Were we to continue to trust our very health to an industry that was no longer worthy of trust?  There is no answer, nor is one needed; these critters are terrified and that’s all that matters.

What’s left of the real Republican party — and it isn’t much — realizes this, and they are frightened. What to do for these isolated intact souls is a good question, but when you get videos like this:

it can be interpreted as nothing other than a cry for help.

It seems a pity to let these poor people suffer, but then again, they sigged the demons on themselves.

So when is the Fat Man leaving for Costa Rica?

The Fat Man promised (or, I guess, threatened) to move to Costa Rica if healthcare reform passed.  And it passed.  And he’s still here.

Hey, I mean he has to stand by his promises doesn’t he?  Like the great leader he believes he is?  For a change?  Please?

If he doesn’t leave, here’s a little ditty for him (with apologies to Russ Ballard and Three Dog Night):

Ain’t that what you said?
Ain’t that what you said?
Ain’t that what you said?

While we’re at it, let’s sing a rousing rendition of the same song for Sarah Palin — not only because she lied and continues to lie about healthcare reform, but because she lies about everything else as well.

Let’s not leave out their fans.  For anyone who faithfully believes these dolts, how about a chorus of “Send in the Clowns?”  Because it really is rich.

No, THIS is what change looks like

Does this mean the Fat man is really leaving for Costa Rica?  Eureka!

So how’s that hopey-changey thing working out for everyone but Sarah Palin and her bosses at Fox News?  Very well, because Congress passed the healthcare reform bill today at long last, after a lifetime of waiting, and after most of us have watched the lives of so many end needlessly, and so many others get driven deeply into financial ruin by medical bills.

But apparently 35 state legislatures are run by Fox News and haven’t gotten the word that our present healthcare system is at best dysfunctional.  Which is to say they are already inventing ways to stop reform, mostly involving lawsuits, but no doubt including civil war.  Reason?  Fear.  Period.  Well, all I can say is that the South’s reasons for the last civil war stunk even worse, but even that doesn’t excuse this behavior.

To those in other countries — and also in the U.S. — who are befuddled that the federal government is apparently riding so foul of the will of the states, all I can say is don’t confuse the will of the states with the will of the people (for those in doubt, I offer Illinois as a prime example).  Due to the peculiarities of the U.S. election system, many states are currently run by fringe groups and/or far right-wingnuts who would never pass muster to be elected to national office…although somehow, far too many of them have made it to Washington D.C. anyway.  Witness the George W. Bush years, and what happened to Bill Clinton just before that (not that he didn’t deserve some of it; but the fact is that if he did, so did Bush — and nothing at all happened to Bush).

And then there’s Texas.  A blogger recently published a plaintive post asking the question, “who died and left Texas in charge?”  It’s a question a lot of the rest of us have been asking for a long time.

Anyway, this political fictionalization amplifies fringe groups and gives them enough credibility that right-wing media whores such as Limbaugh, Beck and Palin are able to pretend that they, not the current slight majority of the politicians in Washington, speak for “the people.”  Well, they do.  They speak for their brainwashed minions.  But their brainwashed minions don’t include all of us.  In fact, most of us are not “theirs” at all.

But don’t expect too many of us to laugh too hard or too long at the end result of the veiled threats and dire predictions that Palin and Limbaugh in particular have been making in regard to healthcare reform.

I daresay the real freak show has just begun.  And to those 35 state legislatures that have been bought off by Fox News, the rest of the right-wing media whores, and insurance industry propaganda: enjoy your Stupid of the Day award, morons.  And while you’re at it, why don’t you come up with a viable alternative solution instead of one long whine wrapped up in lawsuits, huff-n-puff, and idiocy?

Note to the Chicago Sun Times: This is NOT News

Blagojevich dodges firing, but not ridicule on ‘Apprentice’ :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Gov. Blagojevich.

(Note to the gentle reader: this post is backdated because the one I made yesterday was actually about something important. This post’s subject, in contrast, is just irritating.)