A tangled web

I wasn’t sure which blog to put this on, as it is sort of a random rant, and sort of not.   Anyway, it’s ending up here.  Depending on how it turns out, perhaps I’ll cross-post it on to my pop-culture shrug-rant site.  Actual life problems and plastic reality-tv woes are so intertwined these days that it has become impossible to place them in two different arenas and keep them where they should be — isolated from one another.

My belief is that the situation with Trump and his billionaire would-be cronies is unsustainable and their collapse is imminent, perhaps in the next 6 months or so.  But my predictions aren’t worth doodley-squat, so you can take that with a shrug.

What our news outlets are not telling us much about is that there are mass demonstrations in Russia, meaning Putin is under pressure.  The nuclear “accident” there probably isn’t helping him much.  I believe another nuclear accident decades ago had something to do with the end of a previous Russian leader, but I’m probably mistaken.

Thing is, when pushed to an extreme, Russians seem far more capable of getting rid of their leaders than we are here in the U.S.  And no one is invulnerable.

On the other hand, Karlov’s (a.k.a. Boris Johnson’s) stupid move in the U.K.  (suspending  Parliament, with the Queen’s approval), has brought Brits out into the streets there, and people are already discussing a “no confidence” vote that could eventually bring him down entirely.  I believe Karlov’s blunder had something to do with the increased focus on Prince Andrew’s history with Epstein — that is, it’s a distraction.  Probably the runaway hatred directed at the American TV actress Meghan Markle, currently doing a bad job of portraying a British “princess,” also has something to do with an attempt at distraction (although I also believe that Markle entered this whole marriage thing as part of a business deal with Disney and others).  It may be just coincidence that some are saying that Markle once worked on one of Epstein’s yachts.  If that’s true, it’s more than fascinating, but I emphasize that it’s little more than rumor at this point.

To be fair, it could also be that the Queen’s hands were tied — she has very little actual power, after all — and/or she knew that the fastest way to get rid of Karlov was to allow him to mess with Parliament in such a spectacular fashion.  It also could be that the trouble surrounding what’s said to be her favorite child (Prince Andrew) had her distracted to the point where she didn’t care what she signed.

So there it is: I believe that this situation with the Brit royal family, which as of this writing is more full of drama and despair as it has been at any point since the days of Diana, has something to do with Trump, Epstein, Boris Karlov (Johnson), at least 3 players in the middle east, and China as well.  That is to say that I believe it’s all connected, and that connection is made up of three things: a multi-national billionaire mob hell-bent on taking over the world, and international money-laundering and human trafficking (performed at the behest of the aforementioned mob).

I believe the money-laundering is masking an attempt by billionaires to buy governments around the world, particularly democracies, and enslave their politicians and their people so billionaires can become trillionaires.  What happens if they accomplish that is anybody’s guess because these people never seem to think beyond money.  If there is a planet somewhere made of money, let me know, because the way things are going at the billionaire-mob’s urging, there won’t be much left on Earth to enjoy once they’ve taken over.  Then again, some of them are suddenly fascinated with launching rockets into outer space, made with their own pocket change.  Maybe they think they can go somewhere else?

I believe the human trafficking is what naturally follows once people are enslaved.  And I believe Epstein was in some way connected to the disappearance of teenage girls from the concentration camps at the U.S. border.  (Note that there’s suddenly a plan to release some of the children to another country, just weeks after Epstein’s apparent suicide…but no further mention of where the teenage girls went.)

Yeah this all sounds pretty wild, but the fact is that it seems that some kind of Hollywood never-never land has taken over our everyday reality and we have to be prepared to believe anything (also, a lot of it fits together far more neatly if you think this way, rather than try to believe any “rational” attempt to explain it).  The fact that there was recently a Hollywood movie withdrawn from circulation because it was about hunting humans…well, that just tells me everything about who is behind this.  Why even think about making that kind of a movie in the present world?  Oh, yeah, I forgot — billionaires are creating our reality now.

Looking out from this tangled web, it’s easy to pine for the old days of actual real life being different from Hollywood reality.  But there you go.  It’s going to be a long fight to get our world back.  But as I said in the first paragraph, this present situation is not sustainable.  I see light somewhere.

Things as they stand

This is why I’ve been quiet recently: While the mass shootings are definitely an emergency, and so are the concentration camps, and so is climate change, we’ve been conditioned at every mention of North Korea or Iran to spend a few days biting our nails about war. And then there’s that business of proclaiming “we’re doomed!” about this or that (that may make the writer feel better for a minute, but it’s not helpful).

That’s not to mention all the other manufactured worries and outrages, including the EXACT same crap the Russublicans pulled on the Democrats in 2016 happening all over again, and no one in the media is really paying much attention to it because they’re too busy salivating over ratings. Yeah they’re businesses, but they’re also the “fourth estate,” so that’s NOT an excuse and let’s not hear it anymore.

Anyway, here’s a quote from Dan Rather that pretty much sums it up for me:

“The headlines are often very grim, not to mention one’s Twitter feed. We see crises that have been manufactured, exacerbated, even actively cheered by a president who seems hellbent on division. We see a culture of shameless and taunting corruption. When will it end?”

It will end, folks, when we end it. The trouble is that it needs to end sooner rather than later, and instead of that it seems to drag on and on while Washington plays parliamentary games. My hint for Washington is that you can’t slavishly follow the rules when you’re dealing with a bunch of people who are openly defying them. Okay?

Anyway, In the meantime we need to pay attention to the real matters out there, and North Korea and Iran, (among other things), are not among them. We also need to insist that the media stop giving a voice to various right-wing extremists like *name an Evangelical preacher* and the latest varmints to voice useless opinions, which as of this writing are Rick Santorum and the lieutenant governor of Texas.  I could plug two other names into those slots tomorrow, and it could go on and on and on, and still nothing they say would be true or worth our time.  To put it bluntly, ignore them and they go away.  They have no importance; stop giving it to them.

We need to insist that the media cover the important things, not the photo ops, the stupid sound bites, and the invented scandals and divisions. This will take some of the bite out of the Russublicans’ antics.

And somebody needs to twist Pelosi’s arm and get her to move before Trump just shrugs and has her put in jail, or else has her assassinated (while he probably can’t start a war, he can manage this much), and the media gets to merrily yammer for weeks about that and get such good ratings!

Okay? This isn’t a fucking game. We realize it. Our greedy media does not. Our Congress is a bunch of crooks ( #MoscowMitch ) and girl/boy scouts, and that doesn’t help, either.

But we are not doomed unless we choose to be. We are only helpless if we convince ourselves we are.  We have to change ourselves before we can change anything else, and we are capable of that.  That is the hard truth, but it is a necessary statement.  Get off your ass and stop falling for what is easy, cheap, and shiny.  Do it now.