Couple of things that need to be revisited

Trump is now using the abortion “issue” as his latest distraction attempt (before today, that is, when he had McConnell let it slip that Trump will sign the border deal, but at the same time declare a ‘national emergency’).

To explain how we got where we are on abortion, I submit this article.  I can almost guarantee you didn’t know about how abortion was pulled out of a hat to become an issue, when previously the evangelicals had (like their Jaysus) never said anything about it.  Nope, folks.  The real issue all along was racism.

Now on to the 2nd amendment, which Trump recently declared he just loves.  Watch this video, and be educated about the 2nd amendment.  Yep, Olbermann just said that: the 2nd amendment makes no mention of private gun ownership.  None.  The 1990’s Supreme Court misinterpretation seems to have been bought and paid for.  Sooner or later the truth will come out about it, but as for right now, know that the friggin’ 2nd amendment has nothing to do with gun ownership.  It is about gun control.

There are a 1000 other things that have become accepted as truth, but aren’t.  But these two are the major ones at the moment.  Do read the article, and do watch the video.