I have no idea what you just said

Sarah Palin Babbles Again

If you don’t read that, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about here anyway.  Sarah is that famous for babbling, after all.

Here’s what I don’t get: Years ago, a well-educated and intelligent — but very Tea-Partyish, anyway — friend of mine told me with happy confidence that Sarah Palin had more qualifications to be President than did Barack Obama.  When I asked him to elaborate….no surprise, all I got out of this normally verbose and quick-witted man was a blank stare coupled with a sort of empty, frozen grin.  Then he changed the subject.

That cavernous silence has been repeated again and again, with different people, when I asked them the same question after they made the same claim.

And so now Palin is babbling about feminism, which the Republicans/Tea Partiers have lately been attempting to own to disguise their attempts to destroy women’s rights.  And all she can come up with, is babble.  As you read in the attached article, nothing she said made a damn bit of sense.  The words weren’t even loosely connected.  It sounded like a textbook passage on symptoms of early dementia.

I think it’s possible to state that the teabaggers now have their own language that consists of threading buzz words together and just sort of throwing them out there.  Only other teabaggers think it makes sense.  It’s the new English.  And it’s the only way I can explain how anyone could think Sarah Palin has qualifications for anything at all, let alone the Presidency.

It just ain’t

Ken Ham.  You probably don’t know the name, but he’s a businessman (a bad one, by all accounts), who is getting Kentucky government assistance to promote religious alternatives to science.  Just now he finally got in trouble, because to get one of this “job creator’s” jobs, one has to fill out forms about being saved, belief in the literal truth of the Bible, etc.  Since this is against the constitution of Kentucky, one can imagine that some people are crying foul.

What.ever.  That’s not the point here.  The point here is how this crap got started in the first place.

When I was growing up, almost half a century ago, religion was firmly in its place on the fringes of society.  No one would have even attempted to make a living by building a creationist museum or Noahide theme park.  John Kennedy faced some questions about his loyalty to the Pope during the 1960 elections, I understand, but no one really took it seriously.  Americans have never been terribly loyal to the Vatican in modern times, anyway, and everyone knew it.  They still aren’t, and even though the Vatican just spent over 30 years trying to shame, threaten, and finally cajole everyone back into church…well, they’ve given up.  For most Catholics, Church is still just something that happens on Sunday, when the guys in the skirts do your God stuff for you.  The present Pope has all but called church leaders a bunch of idiots, and anyone who’s paying attention is just nodding their noggin and going, “yup.”  But it doesn’t matter.  The game was lost long ago.  It was lost the moment the Vatican launched into their modern inquisition, which is a loser’s weapon of choice.

The Evangelical movement is apparently only just now feeling the pressure of the outside world, and they’re reacting by violently asserting that the bible holds the entire truth of creation, because it’s God’s word.  You know…kind of like the Vatican, only with the Bible involved.  Here’s the thing: if your faith is threatened by another thread of discovery/belief, then your faith ain’t worth much.  And now I will really piss you off:

Actually the Bible is a collection of myths from ancient civilizations, capped off by a rehashing of the dying god theme that runs through the pantheons of so many long-lost pagan religions.  But I digress.  What the Bible is NOT, is science.  And vice versa.

Get this, muddleheads: science is a process.  Religion is a conclusion.  Science cannot be a religion and religion cannot be a science. It’s almost as if religion is a noun and science is a verb, but not quite (cuz that’s incorrect).

That is to say that this entire argument is bogus.  Stupid.  A waste of time and resources, not to mention the taxpayers’ money in Kentucky.  I have friends there, none of whom are sympathetic to Ham.  It might be entertaining to ask them to contribute a word or two to this blog.

In the meantime, however, I’ll say this: Ken Ham apparently was hoping that it was true that a fool and his money soon go separate ways.  Unfortunately, he didn’t bank on not finding Kentucky to be full of fools.

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Pope on science

I can’t take it anymore!

I know, I know.  I haven’t posted here in years.  That’s because the crazy and the stupid got to be too much (and more seriously, because my personal life became nightmarish).  I have, however, developed enough of a tolerance that I’ll be back with a friggin’ vengeance in the near future.  See you all soon.

Drop it.

Huffington Post

If you read that link, you know what I’m talking about.  I won’t go into it further.  Well, maybe I will…

Sarah Palin is finished, Hoss.  I don’t care what some right-wing loudmouth says.  Right-wing loudmouths don’t have a good handle on the truth, anyway, do they?  I mean, just before the election I had one snark at me that I might as well stop making jokes about Romney’s “binder” remark on my Facebook wall because (I don’t remember the quote directly, but here’s the gist of it) “if liberals think they are going to win this election by making ‘cute’ comments on Facebook they are mistaken.”

No surprise, it seems that every day brings an increasing amount of information on Republican vote fraud.  Day by day little bits and trinkets keep trickling in, mostly ignored by the national media.  But they are there, and you don’t have to dig hard to find them.  Reference my previous post in this blog, for instance.  I found that on YouTube, for crying out loud.

Why do I mention this?  Because I think if even half the votes had been honestly tallied in a number of “red” states, the election would have been a blowout for the Democrats.  As in, not even close.  What am I basing this on?  Well, if Anonymous’s claims are true, and they indeed did meddle in Ohio on the side of truth, then there may have been vote-tampering elsewhere that went undetected.  If nothing else, it’s awfully curious that two states with documented histories of Republican vote tampering went on to be scored as victories for Obama, in spite of almost incredible Republican smugness about having those states in their pockets.

Even if there is no legality gap, there is definitely a reality gap.

Yes, since the election I have come across crabby white men and a new phenomenon: packs of young-ish (mostly in their 30’s) women of the privileged class wandering about together in their finest clothes, snarking at and bullying anyone who is “not our kind, dear.”   So I have no doubt they are out there — Republicans, that is.  But I don’t think there are as many of them as we’ve been led to believe.

Which brings me back to Sarah Palin.

I still believe she will never completely go away.  She’s too much like Donald Trump, who is a similar hopeless case.  Both are attention-hounds.  They will do and say anything to stay in the public eye.

But does that mean they should be taken seriously?  No.  Only the people who take reality TV seriously will take these two seriously.  Palin in particular took a set of paltry qualifications (for Vice President/President) and diminished them into no qualifications at all just by opening her mouth more than once.  Trump…well who the hell ever took him seriously?  He’s a parody of a parody, a second-rate clown.  He has never been anything more.

I think out here in the real world, even most Republicans realize that nominating Palin for President any time in this lifetime would lead to a very, very serious blow-out — one that would make your average volcano look like a pimple in comparison.  It would be political suicide by wishful thinking.

I think it’s time for them to get serious and really talk to people.  They need to stop dealing with the public via platitudes.  I think a fair number of them realize this now.

Will they take the lesson to heart?  Remains to be seen.  Remember that in 2008 they “learned,” then forgot very very quickly.  And goodness knows the House has learned nothing.

But as for the Huffington Post, all I can say is that if they don’t want a reputation as the new National Inquirer, they’d better drop the Palin line right now.  Stupid of the Day award goes to that publication for even mentioning the idea of Palin making a serious run for the White House.

No I was not kidding

Remember when I mentioned that Karl Rove’s on-TV (on Fox, no less) reaction to the results in Ohio made it seem like he already “knew” what the results were supposed to be and could not process it when they came out differently?  It appears that he may have suffered more of a short-circuit than we knew at the time:

Thom Hartmann

General Hanky-Panky

I commented as I did earlier about the General Patraeus scandal because that was all the information I had — that he’d been caught having an affair and had resigned.  Now it turns out that he gave or was about to give some testimony to Congress or something that countered earlier testimony given by the administration about Benghazi.  Supposedly he was forced to resign by the powers-that-be because of that.  No, says the FBI, it’s because Patraeus’s paramour may have had access to classified information.  Ditto some other general named Allen, who is in a similar situation because of an affair (sort of).  That general was being considered to become NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander.

I still say it the whole thing sounds incredibly like Fox News fodder.  I am apparently not the only one who is astounded by this aspect of whatever is going on (and no one seems quite sure of that).  Still, affairs are evidently a violation of military law.  If that is true, it was a major case of Stupid by both generals.

Whatever happens, I hope Congress doesn’t use it as another excuse to be as paralyzed for the next 2 years as it has been for most of the past 4.

Further, let’s remember a couple of things: it was Congress that cut back on embassy security.  Also, there were many civilian attacks during the Bush Administration, only one of which led to this kind of consternation (September 11, 2001).

All in all, I hope the generals’ collective stupidity doesn’t become an excuse to indulge in impeachment proceedings (Obama), as Clinton’s zipper difficulties became an excuse to impeach and impeach again back in the 1990’s.  Heck, they still wanted to impeach him yet once again after he left office.  And what followed was one of the worst administrations in history in terms of this country’s economic health and its international standing.  They followed that with a House paralyzed by wild-eyed, woman-hating teabaggers who so loved zygotes that they forgot about feeding and educating actual children, among numerous other poisonous obsessions that had nothing to do with governance.

But still the Republicans want everyone to believe that they’re better at this defense and economy stuff.  They haven’t proven it.  And again, they’d better not take this as an opportunity to wallow endlessly in investigations and proceedings.  Rome is burning, kids.  Get to work and put the real fires out.

The Thought Occurs…

The thought occurs that if a bunch of “red” states actually secede from the U.S., the Democrats will probably have a majority in the House.  And then we can get back down to business again and govern the country instead of putting up with grown men and women running around trying to create scandals to avert attention from their own dirty laundry. (Heard much about investigations into Republican vote-stealing yet?  No?  Don’t hold your breath.) We could make progress instead of wasting time watching morons attempting to expose communist/socialist/Marxist Kenyans even though they can’t find any, or, failing that (because that is doomed to failure),  filibustering until they turn blue and generally being assholes.  This is about all the Republican House has accomplished in the past 4 years.  A Democratic one would be a nice dose of calm by comparison.

Yes, that would be very, very sweet.  Unfortunately it won’t happen.  But one can dream.

Because it’s so incredibly silly, though, I am giving everyone involved in every secession effort a Stupid of the Day Award.  Take a bow, wingnuts.


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